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Year 3

Ms K Speight

Class Teacher

Mrs V Ridge

Teaching Assistant

Mr K Buxton Dean

Site, operations and strategy leader


In Year 3 the children are taught by teacher Ms. Speight and Mr B D with support for Mrs Ham and Mrs Ridge.

On Monday the children have outdoor learning with Mr Costello.

P.E. will normally take place on Thursdays. Please can you ensure that children have their P.E. kits in school every day in case the day changes or we do an extra session. 

In the Spring term we will be looking at 3 different topics:

- Shake, Rock and Roll? We will become a team of geologists, palaeontologists, seismologists and jewellery experts finding out about rocks and fossils in a variety of forms. 


The children will investigate rocks in their local environment and explore changes over time, as well as investigating rocks by searching for crystals and fossils within. We will make links between rocks and volcanoes and later, rocks and soils based on their own questioning and research.


The children will find out about how living things can be ‘turned to stone’ as fossils and will make their own fossil cast. Pupils will consider fact and fiction when investigating stories about the world’s most famous and infamous diamonds. 

- Around the World in 20 days. The children will explore the lives of children from around the world. They will explore the children’s home countries (Great Britain, France and The USA) and find out about the similarities and differences between their lives.

In geography, they will find out about the different countries terrains, climate and customs using photographs, videos and music.

- Art on your doorstep, is focused on artists. The children will explore what it is to be an artist and find out about local and other artists. 


We will be developing our geography skills by using maps of the local area to identify and record, devising a key and find out how it has changed. 


We will investigate plants; identify the different parts, requirements for life, life cycle, how water is transported and plant functions. The children will write a basic programme for others to use about the parts of a plant.