Art and Design

 'Every child is an artist.'
Pablo Picasso.


At Connor Downs Academy, our Art and Design curriculum has been created to ensure all children are inspired, challenged and equipped with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. We believe that Art and Design stimulates creativity, imagination and self-expression.

Our curriculum provides visual, tactile, and sensory experiences and a unique way of understanding and responding to the world. We aim to inspire children to develop their confidence, to experiment and invent their artwork.

Children use line colour, form, texture, pattern in different materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel, and think. They explore ideas and meaning in the work of artists, craftspeople, and designers. They learn about the diverse roles and functions of Art, Craft and Design in contemporary life and in different times and cultures.

The Art and Design curriculum at Connor Downs Academy provides an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of how the visual arts have the power to enrich our personal and public lives.

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