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Statutory policies that the DfE require to be published online are available to download under the 'Statutory Information' tab.  Below are some further policies you may find helpful.  If you can't find what you are looking for then please click the Aspire Policies link below, or contact the school office.

The Aspire Academy Trust is committed to supporting positive mental health and the Aspire Mental Health Policy is available below. 

The ‘Leading a Mentally Healthy School’ training programme has been developed by Health Education England (HEE) and the School Development Support Agency (SDSA), in partnership with an expert group of educational psychologists, education consultants and mental health organisations and responds to the areas highlighted in the recent Green Paper – ‘Transforming Children & Young People’s Mental Health Provision’ (December 2017).

Mrs Janice Eddy is the Mentally Healthy School Lead at Connor Downs Academy.

Sometimes an unusual or unforeseen event will cause the school to close unexpectedly. The decision to close the school is never taken lightly, and it is always based around the safety of all at the school. In the event of a closure being deemed necessary we will follow the steps below.  

Closures of the school due to extreme events

In the event of extreme event causing a closure of the school, Connor Downs Academy follows standard procedure for schools in Cornwall:

  • Site, operations and strategy leader will assess the risks to children, their carers and staff.

  • Executive Head in conjunction with Site, operations and strategy leader will make a decision on actions to be taken.

  • Cornwall Council and Aspire Academy Trust are informed by Head of School.

  • BBC radio Cornwall, Heart FM and Pirate FM are informed by Head of School.

  • Where possible we will also contact parents directly by text.

  • The school’s catering supplier is informed by Head of School. 


Staff responsibilities during an extreme event:

  • Staff will remain with children until they have all been collected.

  • Staff at Connor Downs Academy will not put themselves at risk when they assess or deal with any extreme event.

  • Staff at Connor Downs Academy will do their best to ensure that safety of children, their carers, visitors and other staff at all times.

  • Should an evacuation be required a role call will be taken.

Health & Wellbeing
Below are downloads and links that relate to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for your child and your family.

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