At Connor Downs Academy, the implementation of our EYFS curriculum ensures that our children can develop as independent, confident and successful learners. Community is at the heart of our classroom practice; our children have high aspirations and understand the value of making positive contributions to the world around them. Our goal is to ensure that all of our children are happy and engaged.


Through our curriculum, we provide an enabling environment that allows each child to display high levels of concentration, creativity, energy and persistence. The rationale behind this is that high levels of well-being and involvement foster positive development for children and facilitate deeper learning.


Intent Statement

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to nurture and develop the whole child, considering their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. Each term's theme is thoughtfully chosen to connect with the children's experiences and the changing world around them. This approach ensures a holistic and engaging learning journey, enriched with diverse cultural and environmental awareness.

Autumn Term 1: All About Me

Early in the academic year, focusing on personal identity helps children settle into a new environment. It builds self-confidence and helps teachers understand each child's unique background and needs. This theme is ideal at the start of the year as it eases the transition into a new setting, helping children feel secure and valued.

Autumn Term 2: Festivals and Celebrations

This period coincides with several cultural and religious celebrations. Teaching about these events fosters inclusivity, respect for diversity, and an understanding of the world's rich cultural tapestry. Timed with actual seasonal events (e.g., Diwali, Christmas, Bonfire Night), making learning relevant and engaging.

Spring Term 1: Winter / Polar Regions

Aligning with the colder season and in the winter months this theme engages children’s curiosity about different climates and animals, enhancing their understanding of the world’s geography and environmental science. Children can directly observe the seasonal changes, making the learning experience more tangible.

Spring Term 2: Space and Journeys

This theme encourages imaginative thinking and broadens understanding of physical space and transportation. It’s a foundation for early science, technology, and geography learning. As children are more settled and capable of complex thinking, this topic offers a more abstract and imaginative theme.

Summer Term 1: Life Cycles of Plants and Minibeasts

Coinciding with the growing season, children learn about the fascinating life cycles of plants and minibeasts. The focus is on fostering curiosity and understanding of the  basic concepts of growth, change, and the natural world through hands-on activities, storytelling, and observations.

Summer Term 2: Under the Sea

This theme engages children with the wonders of the sea. It aims to introduce children to marine life, coastal environments, and the importance of the ocean, using Cornwall's unique coastal setting as a learning backdrop. The intent encompasses activities, stories, and learning experiences that are tailored for young children's understanding and curiosity about the sea

 Each theme is thoughtfully placed within the academic year to maximize its relevance and impact, aligning with the children's developmental stages, seasonal changes, and cultural events. This strategic placement ensures that learning is not only educational but also engaging and meaningful. The curriculum is crafted to build upon the children's growing understanding and experiences, providing a coherent and progressively challenging educational journey.

Our bespoke EYFS curriculum enables our children to embody the Characteristics of Effective Learning in all that they do, demonstrating their ability to:


  •      Play and explore
  •      Learn actively 
  •      Create and think critically

We recognise and value the principles of the unique child; we strive to ensure that our Reception children feel inspired and motivated to actively engage with our EYFS curriculum during their first year at Connor Downs Academy. We understand that by establishing these foundations will enable our EYFS children to transition to Key Stage 1 with the confidence and skills required to flourish as independent, resilient and lifelong learners.

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