We have an extensive list of policies that ensure your child's academic, emotional and physical wellbeing is outstanding at all times.  Below you will find a list of Ofsted statutory policies that are required to be published online.
A further selection of statutory policies that aren't required to be published but may be of interest can be found under Parents/Useful Links & Downloads.

If you aren't able to locate the policy you require, or have a query relating to a school procedure, then please contact the school office.



Connor Downs Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

This means that we have a Child Protection Policy and procedures in place which we refer to in our policy below.  Parents and carers are welcome to request a hard copy from the school office.

Sometimes we may need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies when there are concerns about a child's welfare.  We will ensure that our concerns about our pupils are discussed with his/her parents/carers first unless we have reason to believe that such a move would be contrary to the child's welfare.

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Head of School Mrs Eddy

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSL) is Mr Pascoe

Aspire Director for Safeguarding is Mrs Hannaford

Designated Person for Children in Care is Mrs Eddy


Mrs Eddy is the contact person for Operation Encompass, VIST notifications, the Preventing Radicalisation Agenda and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). 



Connor Downs Academy is committed to its Public Sector Equality duties and will endeavour to:


Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other conduct prohibited by the Act:

  • Advance equality of opportunity between all people, regardless of Disability, Sex (gender), Race (ethnicity), Pregnancy and Maternity, Religion and Belief, Sexual Orientation, Transgender, Age or Marriage and Civil Partnership

  • Foster good relations between all people, as above



We know that sometimes things go wrong, and that it is important that these are put right. If you ever have a worry about something that is happening at the school, it is important to talk to us, so that we can do our best to rectify any problems that are present. 

We have a formal complaints procedure which is outlined clearly in the Aspire Complaints Procedure below.


Connor Downs Academy is committed to complying with and implementing the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (2000) and related legislation. This provides a general entitlement to any person to be able to access information held by the schools, subject to exemptions and conditions laid down by law.

This policy applies to all information held by schools regardless of how it was created or received. It applies irrespective of the media on which the information is stored and whether the information is recorded on paper or held electronically. The Act’s powers are fully retrospective and thus information is accessible no matter how old it may be. Similarly, information in draft form will also be accessible under the Act.  

We will offer advice and assistance to anybody wishing to make a request for information.

It should be noted that access to personal information (that is information from which a living individual can be identified) is still governed under the Data Protection Act 2018. Requests for access to such information will be governed in line with the requirements of this legislation. 

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in effect, we would like to inform you that we have updated our privacy notices. 

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