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Connor Downs Academy is a

Nationally accredited Trauma Informed School.


A trauma informed school is one that is able to support children who suffer with trauma or mental health problems and whose troubled behaviour acts as a barrier to learning. The objective is to bring about a whole school /organisational cultural shift where the wellbeing of all is the highest priority. TIS UK schools implement many interventions to ensure the relational and emotional health of all. The interventions are evidence based with the backing of over 1,000 research studies from psychology and neuroscience. (TIS UK 2023)


Connor Downs Academy achieved the national status of a Trauma Informed School in 2019. Please see report below.


Connor Downs Academy have recently been reaccredited as a Trauma Informed School in 2023. Please see report below.


Key strengths identified in the TIS UK 2023 report are:


Connor Downs is an extremely happy, nurturing school where pupils are cared for as individuals and are provided with a real sense of belonging. The school is highly inclusive and values every child, recognising their own unique strengths and needs. Positive relationships between staff and pupils are cherished and the family atmosphere that has been created greatly supports children to feel safe, and nurtured. The children express that they feel safe in school, are treated fairly and they can talk to any adult if they need help or feel sad.Pupils know that they can approach any adult in school if they need help, and they are happy to do so.


The children enjoy a vast array of experiences that foster their love of learning and desire to explore the world around them. A great deal of thought has gone into making the school environment as enriched as possible. The thoughtfully developed outdoors area known as ‘Cultivating Futures, and the skilled staff that work there, are a huge asset to the school. The focus upon biophilia, its links to mental health and also the way it supports to ignite the CARE, SEEKING and PLAY systems is a considerable strength.


Staff have had good levels of both TIS training and other CPD and all staff are skilled in their understanding and use of PACE and empathic listening which they use across the school to support all pupils. Trauma informed practices are clearly embedded at Connor Downs and are woven into the ethos of the school like a golden thread running throughout. The TIS practitioners model their skills exceptionally well and have championed the approach with the support of the highly committed Headteacher which has enabled it to become fully embraced by all other members of staff.


The school staff display excellent relational skills, and all staff readily adopt the role of Emotionally Available Adults (EAA) for both children and other adults. As a staff they are a close team and are highly supportive of each other. They are led by a calm, caring, child centred Headteacher who really drives the nurturing and inclusive ethos of the school. (TIS UK 2023).

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