Year 3

Ms K Speight

Class Teacher

Mrs V Ridge

Teaching Assistant

Mr K Buxton Dean

Site, operations and strategy leader


In Year 3 the children are taught by teacher Ms. Speight and Mr B D with support for Mrs Ham and Mrs Ridge.

Outdoor learning will be taking place on Mondays, and P.E. on Tuesdays. Please can you ensure that children have their P.E. kits in school. 

In the Autumn term we will be looking at 3 different topics:

- Are Humans animals too? A study of the similarities and differences between different animals, investigating their skeletons, diets and lifestyles. During this we will also be looking at different ways in which we can record these, digitally and artistically. 

- Set in Stone. A look at the ancient past, learning how our ancestors lives were different from our own, yet very similar. During this topic we also hope to be able to visit a Neolithic site.

- What's the attraction? The physics behind forces, is fascinating. In this topic we will be focusing on magnetic force, whilst linking the topic to Christmas. 

In RE during the term we will be visited by Daya, and will be learning about Hinduism.