All children are important, all children are different, all children are special.

At Connor Downs, children are individuals. We have developed our curriculum with our children at its heart, tweaking it year on year to cater for the needs of all.

We recognise that some children need more support than others. To find out more about the extra support that we offer for these individuals, please visit our SEND, Pupil Premium and Policies pages.


Trauma Informed Schools UK, Headstart Kernow, Motional and One Vision have come together to help schools provide an even more effective strategy for improving mental health and wellbeing. The previous whole-school Thrive approach is now being replaced by Trauma Informed Schools (TIS).


Last academic year, most of our academy staff accessed this TIS training, together with a number of parents/carers.  Feedback indicated they found this training useful in helping them to better understand the impact of earlier life experiences on children’s emotional wellbeing.


TIS uses a similar approach to Thrive, but particularly focuses on gaining a better understanding about the factors that can have a negative effect on children’s emotional wellbeing, and of ways of minimising their impact. 


In addition, for some children,  we are now able to access an online mental health and wellbeing assessment tool called Motional. This assessment tool draws on over 500 evidence-based, cutting-edge research studies in brain science and psychology.


Following an individual assessment, Motional can suggest practical activities that will help support emotional development and promote mental wellbeing.  


If we feel that your child could benefit from an assessment from Motional, we will send home a letter giving more detailed information together with a consent form. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any queries.


For more information about any of the above click on the links below.  Alternatively please contact Mrs Eddy via the school office on 01736 753135.