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Hello Year, 3 

I hope you are all well and enjoying your time at home learning with your families. 

I am really missing you all and looking forward to working with everyone back at school in the future.  

I have been busy working in my garden, planting courgette, lettuce and flower seeds. Mr. Costello will be pleased because I have built a mini greenhouse out of recycled containers. 

It is lovely to take time and watch cabbage white and peacock butterflies in the grass. I have also seen lots of garden birds such as robins and blackbirds, busy making nests. 

It is great fun spending time with my dog who loves to go for a walk each day and play with squeaky toys in the garden.  

I am missing your brilliant work in English and Maths and have posted some work for you to try out on Education City and Sumdog.   

If you log in with your wonde magic badge password (look in your home school link book) you will be able to access Education city and Sumdog and TT Rockstars. There is even White Rose maths just like the work we do in school. 

I have posted classwork and homework activities for you on Education City for reading maths and spelling. If you would like to print the activity there are activity sheets you can download and print with answers for your parents. Or alternatively, you can play the Learn Screens and activity on your tablets and laptops. 

Sumdog also has some activities for you to try out in spelling and maths. 

If you cannot get access any online activities, please do not worry. 

Don’t forget there are lots other tasks and suggestions you can try on the home learning pages and the summer homework grid you can do too. 

It will be fantastic to see and hear all about your learning and adventures at home when we see you next. 

Best wishes to all of you  

from.  Ms. Speight 




Hi Year 3,  

I hope you are all okay and enjoying your learning at home.  


I can’t wait to see you all and hear how you have been getting on and to see how many new things you have discovered.  


Hopefully we will all be back at school as soon as we can as Mrs Speight and I talk about how much we are missing you and how quiet our class is.  


Love Mrs Ridge  


Hello Year 3


I hope that you and your families are all well and are staying safe. It’s been a very strange few weeks but hopefully you have been making the most of all the different opportunities that you have had. I’ve been spending time trying to learn new skills, a sometimes frustrating task. I always find that doing this is great for keeping focused. 

It has been great to see that some of you have completed the tasks that I set on Google Classroom back in March (if you have not done these and still want to, they are still live). From now on I will be setting one task a week on Google Classroom. These tasks will also be found on the main learning sheets on the school website. I know that not everyone has access to a device to allow full interaction with Google Classroom so the tasks that I set from now on will be able to be completed without using a computer and I will only be looking for a photo of the completed task. 


Best wishes



Below is some additional content from Mrs Law for Year 4.




Dear Year 4 Children, 

I hope you are all well. I know it feels strange not being at school, but I hope that you are enjoying this time with your families and making the most of the lovely weather. As well as looking after my family, walking my dog and doing some work for school, I have enjoyed doing one of my favourite things – reading! Are you all reading regularly? It is such a good way to relax and can transport you to imaginary lands, introduce you to interesting characters, build your vocabulary and help you to learn new things. I also love baking, so my daughter and I have made lots of delicious cakes. 

I hope that you are enjoying the home learning activities that have been suggested for you. You could also think of activities of your own – you could create a game which could be played indoors or outdoors; choreograph a dance routine to your favourite song, create a poster to show your support for the NHS, prepare a healthy lunch (with adult support) for your family or create a collage using natural materials. I am sure you will have lots of your own fantastic ideas too! 

I can see that some of you have been spending some time on Sumdog and TT Rockstars. I have been checking your ‘rock speeds’ as we did on Fridays in school and I can see that lots of you have improved your speed by at least a minute. That is amazing and I am so impressed. Keep it up! As you all enjoyed the last multiplication challenge that I set for you on Sumdog, I have set another one for you. This is optional, but would be a good, fun way to keep your times tables knowledge fresh in your mind. I will check Sumdog regularly to see how you are doing. Good luck! 

Our first topic for the summer term is ‘Amazing Amazon’. This is a great, interesting topic all about the Amazon Rainforest. I have set you an optional mini project to complete on this topic which has been uploaded to the website. The resources you will need to complete this have been uploaded too. Some good books set in the Amazon Rainforest include ‘The Explorers’ by Katherine Rundell and ‘Journey to the River Sea’ (which is a more challenging book) by Eva Ibbotson. They should be available as e-books – maybe give them a read and when we are back at school you can let me know what you enjoyed about them. 

Despite being busy at home, I miss seeing your happy, smiley faces every day and am looking forward to us all being back together in our wonderful academy. 

Take care everyone – stay active, have fun and enjoy the weather and time with your families. 

Mrs Law