Hub Councillors

Hub Councillors

Every Aspire academy is accountable to the Trust Board. A Hub Council is perfectly positioned to facilitate this and to ensure the academies within it can realistically meet the requirements of the Trust.

Hub Councillors, in partnership with academies, communicate and work in conjunction with the Board to provide a vital link and additional level of accountability.

Core Role

  • Focus on consistently improving outcomes for all pupils but especially for disadvantaged pupils.
  • Provide challenge and support to leaders at all levels in the Hub
  • Monitor the performance and progress of the academies in the Hub, agreeing strategies to achieve continuous improvement and monitoring the Hub Improvement Plan
  • Strategic oversight of the curriculum
  • Take all aspects of safeguarding and well -being seriously and appoint a designated Safeguarding Council member
  • Conduct an annual self- evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the Hub Councils and academies improvement activities
  • Promote Trust vision, policies and priorities

Intended Impact

  • Councillors are confident in their evaluations and understanding, and do not shy away from challenging leaders about variations in outcomes for pupil groups, especially between disadvantaged and other pupils
  • Councillors monitor the effectiveness of the actions leaders take to secure and sustain improvements to teaching, learning and assessment and effectively hold them to account for this. This is communicated effectively to the Board and the Hub Director through the minutes of the Hub Council meetings
  • To carry out Safeguarding duties as detailed in the monitoring programme

We have 3 Hub Councillors:

Mrs D Brown

Safeguarding and inclusion Hub Councillor

Mrs Brown has been involved with Connor Downs Academy for almost 20 years. Her 2 sons attended the school and she became involved as a school governor. Her previous roles at Connor Downs Primary School included chair of finance committee, vice chair and chair of the governing body. Mrs Brown has worked in the banking industry for 40 years.

Mr K Gallagher

Hub Councillor

Mr Gallagher has 2 children at this academy. Along with being an active Hub Councillor, he also leads specialist workshops on historical topics such as World War 1. Mr Gallagher has worked in accountancy throughout his career.

Mr A Earnshaw

Mr Earnshaw is the Aspire Academy Trust Director for leadership development. He leads the Aspire Teaching Trust. Mr Earnshaw has provided rigorous professional challenge to the leadership team at Connor Downs since the school became an academy.

You may contact our hub councillors via telephoning the school office or by writing to them at the academy address.  Please mark your envelope 'private and confidential' and it will be passed to the appropriate Hub Councillor. 

For more information including a register of interests and scheme of delegation please visit the following page on the Aspire Academy Trust website.